The 5 Rules Of Responsible Gambling Everyone Should Know

Gambling is a fun activity, but as is the case with most fun activities it has many hidden dangers. Whether you bet on sports, on a game, on a machine or on the outcome of an event, you are risking your money, and let’s face it, the thrill of risking something in order to get a small chance to win something more is exciting. Many people love it, and it’s their sin. Everyone has one. For some the sin is drinking, for others it’s smoking, for third the sin is sleeping with everything that moves. Gambling seems the most safe of those options at first sight. You can’t die from it, it won’t cause you cancer and you won’t get diseases from it. But gambling sure as hell can ruin your life. More importantly it will ruin the lives of everyone you love, if you play it frantically and you get addicted.

There are lots of people that had lost everything because of gambling. But thank god most people have self control and play in moderation. When you play in moderation, you are simply having fun. It’s your way of unwinding at the end of the week, or just a fun thing you are doing, while waiting for the dinner to get ready. It’s easy to play in moderation. All you need to do is follow those 5 steps and your gambling won’t bother anyone, you will have fun, and who knows, you may even win some money to buy that thing you always wanted, though if that is your goal, you should probably save your money and play the free spins or something like that.

Rule number 1: Manage the money you are playing with

Money management is essential whenever you are thinking of gambling. It’s the way to control yourself and to prevent high losses. So there are some simple things you must do, before you start playing. First and foremost, plan your gambling spendings at the beginning of the month. It’s up to you to determine how much you will spend (And yes, those are money you are most likely to lose), but you should be able to make it through the month with ease, and you should always keep some money over your monthly cost of life in cases of emergencies

This being said, you need to keep your gambling money in a separate account. Put the money you are prepared to lose in this account, and link it to the gambling website and use only this one, when you go to casinos. Leave all your other bank cards home. If you feel the urge to add more money to this account during the month, stop playing immediately. Feeling such an urge is the first step towards addiction. In this case leave gambling for a few months, and after that, you can try again.

One more thing, and this should come without saying, NEVER TAKE A CREDIT TO GAMBLE!!! Always play with your own money and never, absolutely never let your gambling get in the way of your normal life!

Rule number 2: Have fun

Gambling is a game, and should be treated as such. So one of the most important things in every game is to be fun. If you are not having fun why are you doing it? One of the most important things to remember is that gambling is not a profession. So you have to do it for fun. The moment you become aggravated by the game, it’s time to stop.

Rule number 3: Be sober

Playing drunk is the worst idea you can ever have. I know that this is the time, when you are most likely to gamble, because you leave your trammels with sobriety, but don’t forget, you are playing with money. So be strong, and don’t bet on anything while you are drunk. There is no problem to take a drink or two in the casino, or to have a beer in the sports bar, while you watch a game and you bet on it, but never cross the live of sobriety. Like everything else you do drunk, gambling will turn into a disaster too easy too quick.

Rule number 4: Know when to quit.

Quitting is the hardest part of gambling. On the one hand, when you had lost a certain amount, you think that if you continue playing, you can break even. On the other hand when you are winning you think you are on the hot streak, and you don’t want to miss your chance. Well in both cases you are wrong. If you are losing you are most likely to continue to do so. And if you need several wins, to recover your losses, than be smart, and just stop right away. At least you won’t lose any more money. To make it easy for you, set a loose limit before you start betting. This way, when you reach this limit, you will stop right away.

If you are on a winning streak is harder to quit. But don’t get greedy. When you have won a certain amount, set a new loose limit equal to 50% of your winnings. This way you will continue your game, and when you reach the limit, you will still be ahead.

Rule number 5: Be prepared

When you are going to gamble, the least you can do is to prepare yourself for the games you are willing to play. This means at least to know their rules, and the odds of you winning. It’s plain stupid to sit on the blackjack table and not to know the rules. Invest a little time before you go to a casino, to find out the rules of the games. Prepare your strategy and systems. This way you can at least better your odds of winnings something. And even if you don’t win, you will still have tried to beat the game, and not just rely on your luck.

Follow those 5 simple rules and your gambling experience won’t be one with tears and yells, but one that will make your evening pleasant and who knows, you may even go home with some extra cash.