How NOT To Lose All Your Money When Playing Slots

Everyone has their inner demon, who always tries to steer you into some sinful action. For some this might be alcohol or drug abuse, for others it might be lust. For a lot of people this demon is the gambling. In this article I won’t be teaching you how to destroy this demon, because frankly this is impossible. The only thing you are going to achieve is to switch your sin to something more destructive.Here I’m gonna try and show you how to restrain and control this demon and the urges it represents.

Gambling is a perfectly fine way to spend your time if you do it properly and in moderation. If you think that by gambling you are going to win millions of dollars and you’ll never have to work again, you should immediately close this window and seek some professional help. The worst thing about casino addiction is that it destroys your life, and even worst, it destroys the life of people that are closest to you. You don’t want to hurt your loved ones, do you? So what you should do is to play moderately. If you haven’t checked our advices for safe gambling, please check them. They are the cornerstone of every article here and if you follow those rules, you are sure to have fun and most importantly, it’s almost impossible to throw your life away because of a gambling addiction.

There are all kinds of games you can play online or at a casino. They are all fun, no one can argue with that, and every game has a favorite one. People that want to win big, usually go to the poker tables, where it’s not all luck. Winning there is also not as sure as one might think. My poison though are the slot machines. They are pure luck and you have no influence over the outcome whatsoever. It’s pure dumb luck, and as strange as it sounds, I love it. Playing slots responsibly can be just as much fun, as playing any other game. Follow this 7 tips and you are sure to have great time whenever you want to try your luck on the slotmachines.

TIP 1: Play only for fun.

As I explained earlier, this game is pure dumb luck. The house has a mathematical edge over you and will win almost every time (otherwise there wouldn’t be any casinos). So what you should do is to go to the slot machine with money that you already know you will lose. Just play for the fun of it, and instead of spending money at the bar, spend them at the slot machine. Who knows, you might even get something out of it.

TIP 2: Play with your own money

This should be given, but if you didn’t learn from the thousands of movies where people ruin their lives because they take credit to play in a casino, DON’T TAKE CREDIT TO PLAY SLOTS!!! Actually you should have a separate bank account where you can keep your money for gambling. This way you won’t have access to the money you actually need to live with. There are no such thing as a professional slot player, and if you see yourself as such you should find some help immediately.

TIP 3: Skip the progressive slots

The odds of winning a life-changing jackpot from a slot machine is astronomically small. You have a better chance to shoot two mosquitoes with one bullet than winning a jackpot that will allow you to retire early. Progressive slots are the ones that offer this improbable outcome. They play more than the other slots, but they pay out less often. If you see an enormous jackpot on a slot machine, and you think – I’ll win this, before you go out and put your money in it think about how many people before you have said to themselves the same thing. Or do you think this huge jackpot is given out of the goodness of the hearts of casino owners? So keep away from progressives… or don’t it’s all fun, but the non-progressive slots are much more likely to payout.

TIP 4: Never trust a system

On the internet you may find dozens of systems that swear they will give you an edge over the slot machine. This is impossible. There are no system in slot machines, because there are no patterns. The slot machines work with a system called “Random Number Generator” RNG. No one can predict the outcome of a slot spin, because each spin is a different session, so it’s virtually impossible. The only systems in slots that actually matter are the money managing once, that will allow you to play a bit longer, before you lose your money.

TIP 5: Play slowly

There are gamblers out there that make over 600 spins per hour. Why waste your money so fast. After all you are playing for fun. Enjoy the moment. Talk to your neighbours, take a sip from your drink. Make your own lucky routine, before you spin, not that this routine will help you in any way, but you will have a few laughs around it. Enjoy the moment. After all anything you do to decrease the amount you are spending per hour will increase your time in front of the slot machine.

TIP 6: Join a slots club

If you like playing slots, and you do it regularly, you should think of joining some slots club. Almost all casinos are especially nice to their loyal customers. This means that you will get all kind of bonuses, rebates and rewards. Yes the rebates and rewards are much smaller than what you’ve spent in the casino, but it’s a nice gesture and you will win at least something small, no matter what.

TIP 7: Never play on airport slots

Slots that are placed inside airports are the worst in any gambling destination. They are with the worst odds and are simply put there to take your money. If you can’t wait until you get to the casino before you start gambling maybe you should seek some professional help.