How Does Slot Machines Work And Do They Cheat?

Playing slot machines is so much fun. Well not all gamblers prefer it because it’s based on pure luck, but the game is entertaining and… well… it’s all luck. Isn’t it why we gamble in the first place- to try our luck. Most people prefer games where you can influence the result via systems and gameplay. Well such things don’t work with slot machines. Here you can depend only on one thing- your luck.

That’s right – there are no systems that can help you win at slots. This game should only be played for fun and you should be ready to lose the money you are investing, because you most probably will. When you’re playing slots your aim shouldn’t be money early retirement or riches, because you won’t get them. In fact, if these are your goals, you shouldn’t gamble at all. Go to the stock market and  “play” with your money there. Becoming rich there is more probable.

Gambling as a whole should be played just for fun, and it shouldn’t bother your monthly budget.

Gambling is trying your luck, and the odds of you winning are not in your favor. That goes double for slot machines. So never trust anyone, who told you he know a way to win at a slot machine. This is simply impossible. There are three systems that can be found in different places on the internet promising you riches. Well don’t trust them, because either way most probably you are going to lose. If you by any chance win, it won’t be because of a system, but because of your luck.

To understand why this system won’t work we must first find out how a slot machine works.

Probably the most interesting thing about slot machines is how they determine who wins. These kind of games use a computer program named “Random Number Generator” or RNG.for short. This program constantly generates random numbers, which determines which picture, or which combination will end up on your screen. If the casino is regulated you can be sure, that no one can influence the outcome of your spin. There is absolutely no way you, or anyone else can predict which number and which corresponding combination will turn out after any given spin.

Once the spin is over, this is the end of the session for the RNG and it starts anew every time. This means that there aren’t any patterns to follow.

Last but not least, the RNG is programmed in such way, that the casino has an enormous mathematical advantage over you. There is no such thing, that if you play long enough you will break even. You may play your entire life if you want to but the casino will still be ahead.

That’s why you should always play slots only as a means of pleasure, and not as a means to make money. When you place your bet in a slot machine, be ready to lose it, because you most probably will. So have fun and always play with money that you are prepared to lose, and most importantly, you can afford to lose.