All You Need Is Love To Stop Gambling And You Can Find It In The Most Unexpected Websites

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone speaks of gamblers. For most people it’s based on the concept of Hollywood movies where you see silent figures in a dark room where only a small lamp glances through the smoke curtains from the cigarettes. The ashtray is now a mountain of cigarette’s butts and the lonely figure is drinking a clear whiskey. This picture is very, very familiar, isn’t it? The whole scene screams addiction and that’s exactly what the point of the movie maker – gambling is an addiction.Although this is not completely true, the possibility of becoming addicted to gambling exists but it’s just as possible as becoming addicted to alcohol. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic now, is he? Well if you are the type of person, who drinks a lot and smokes two cartons a day, probably you should avoid gambling, since clearly you have tendencies towards addiction. But if you are responsible and you can’t control yourself, gambling can be very fun.

Furthermore websites, connected with gambling can be the perfect place to meet someone. Yes, of course this may sound counterintuitive but the fact is that there are many people gambling just to socialize, just to speak with like-minded people, to share some drinks at the casino or some laughs through the chat on the online casino. Just like drinking alcohol is more pleasant when you do it socially, the same is with gambling. This may lead to some amazing stories like the one of Lina and George. They both played in an online casino and both were there just for fun. Non of them was playing for the money, they just waited for the next deal or spin and during this time they talked to the people around them “I can’t recall any huge winnings during my gambling years, except one – meeting Lina”, reminisces George. They met 6 years ago in an online casino, where they started talking while waiting for the next spin on the roulette. “I can remember that at first we were just speaking while we waited for the results of the spin, but he was so interesting, so amazing that at the end we were playing only one at 20-30 spins. We were just so captivated by the conversation, that we didn’t care at all about the spins anymore. At the end of the night he asked me my phone number and there was no doubt in my mind whether I should give it to him or not”, Lina explains. Soon after this faithful night the started meeting each other and now they are happily married with a gorgeous little girl. “Both me and George never managed to win some big jackpot from gambling, but there is no one richer than us”, said Lina while hugging her daughter. George explained that they generally stopped playing after their little girl was born, but from time to time they go to some friends for Poker night. “The best thing is, that I can still play a friendly game of poker, but at the same time I’m with my girls. As a bonus even if Lina wins, the money will come back right at home” laughs George.

If you think about it why do people gamble – to fulfill their need of happiness. But if you meet someone and you are happy with it, you won’t need additional activities to make you happy. You may even overcome addictions in this way. There are dozens of stories where couple got together after meeting in a addicts support group. And that’s the whole point. Releasing dopamine can be achieved not only via the risk you are taking and the winnings, but also when you speak to, hug or kiss the person, that is dear to you. This is why some of the best dating sites can be support groups. Visiting them and joining in them you can not only find your significant other, but also help a person the best way you can – through love, affection and understanding.