About us

Gambling addiction is one of the most awful things that could happen to a person. The worst thing about this addiction is that most of all it hurts the people you love most. This addiction can destroy both yours and your loved ones lives. The truth though is that gambling is not to blame when it comes to addiction.

Gambling is a fun activity that if done in moderation is no different than playing hide and seeks. It’s just a way to spend your free time and to enjoy spending your money and the thrill of being able to win something. But for one reason or another, people lack the ability to control themselves, so gambling is presumed to be a nightmarish sin, that only deadbeats do.

This being said, we are The Responsible Gambling Project. Our aim is not to make you gamble. This is up to you and your believes. All we want to do is, if you make this decision to bet your money on some games, to teach you how to do it responsibly, without risking addiction or to ruin your life because of gambling. Our aim is to show the people who are already gambling that they shouldn’t see casinos as places that they can win money, but places where they will have fun, no matter of the outcome. Our aim is to make people understand, that spending wildly their money in a gambling house is hurting their loved ones, and that they don’t have to struggle to stay away from a casino, just as long as they play in moderation.

Our mission is to eradicate gambling addiction not via banns and fear, but through knowledge and understanding.